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Monday, 12 March 2012

Marriage! What is it?

Marriage seems to be going through some type of marital abuse. Divisions between two competing understandings create front page news with some wanting the law courts to achieve a resolution.

However, what does it mean to be married? If you accept evolution then there isn’t any meaning. In fact the implications of evolution goes against same-sex marriage for it means the end of the species. Is marriage then simply sanctioning a sexual union for statistical purposes? Or, is there a much deeper meaning behind the ceremony in which a man and a woman pledge their love and commitment to each other?

Only the Judeo-Christian faith and scriptures present the unseen, spiritual and eternal purpose woven into marriage. To understand God’s intentions you have to go to the first book of the Bible. Who was created first? Adam! How did Eve come onto the scene? From the miracle God worked by bringing her from out of the side of Adam! You and I know this isn’t the way we were born. Why then would the Lord put on record what is humanly impossible? To teach us some eternal truths!

Adam’s experience of ‘birthing Eve’ by the direct act of God is a metaphor of what would take place on the cross of Calvary. There Christ Jesus would give up His live, not only to pay the price for sin, but to also ‘birth the Church’ from His riven side.

Every-time a man and a women are married, they fulfil the experience of Adam and Eve when they came together in their sexual relationship as one flesh. Within the spiritual realm, they become a testimony of a future day when Christ Jesus will come for His bride, the Church.

There is much, much, much more to the wonder inherent in marriage, especially between believers in Jesus as Lord and Saviour. If you would like to know more I have some of it in the devotional book ‘From Eden with Love.’ This is available from Christian bookshops or direct from me. (Cost $10:00 posted)

Ray (happily married) Hawkins.


  1. I hadn't thought of that, Ray. Even through natural selection, same sex marriage doesn't work - there would be no children and thus the end of the species. Love it! Thanks. :)

  2. Thank you Ray. I love the way you put things... You open up the truth in your words

  3. Good morning Amanda and Michelle,
    you both certainly got an early start. I appreciate your comments. The more we understand the spiritual shadows behind marriage the more we will hold the tangible reality as sacred.
    Have a great week.

  4. are parents-in-law God's gift too? or maybe they're a product of the fall.....?????


  5. Cheeky! You are just too bright RLH! LOL. Definitely God's gift - or I sure hope so most of the time!