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Friday, 17 February 2012

Where is God in a Writer's Day?

I’ve been preparing a Bible study on “Where is God in your Day.” As all speakers will know, it is the speaker who seems to be challenged and blessed during the preparation of a talk even more than she would hope the participants and listeners will be!

Confession time:
As much as I try to be disciplined in spending special time in the scriptures and prayer by myself every morning, there are too many days when the “Tyranny of the Urgent” takes over and those precious moments are either skipped completely or rushed through in a few moments.
So, that is my early morning season with God. What about when pressures of trying to cope with all the demands of that day keep pounding away at me. Where is God in it all?
There are many times when I cannot help comparing my love relationship with God like the one I have with my husband. There are busy days when we are not able to spend much time together. There are hectic days when one of us is away from home altogether, perhaps even away for several nights too. (I have always been so very thankful God has not required that very often of us!) Then there are days when we can enjoy spending all the time together. No matter what kind of “Day” Ray and I share, whether away or together, our love and concern for each other’s welfare is always there in our hearts – even if not always at the forefront of our minds.
Although it is pretty impossible comparing a mere man to Almighty God, in so many ways my relationship with them both has similarities. Okay, so Ray is not God and like me makes mistakes, but I have to confess not always wanting to listen to Ray’s words, wanting to do what he suggests I should do even when I know deep down he is right! There are too many times I behave like that with God. “Trust Me,” God says. Especially during those days in dark valleys of doubt, pain, grief that is often hard to do.
When Ray and I were first getting to know each other forty-nine years ago, there was no way I knew his heart and mind as I do now. Since a child I have been so fortunate getting to know the God who never changes. Now I have experienced His care and love so many innumerable times and in so many varied and wonderful ways, I find trusting Him much, much easier. But still He needs to remind this frail, so often faithless woman, that her faithful God IS in control, that He DOES know what is best for her.
There are hours, perhaps even days, when I have not deliberately gone to spend time talking to Him and listening to what He has to say from the Bible to my curcumstances. How stupid I have been! How many mistakes I have made! But our Faithful God, through His Holy Spirit, tries to bring thoughts to my mind, remind me of God’s words, His ways, and prompts me to do things I would not otherwise do. But how much easier it is to hear and obey when I do spend those quality times alone with Him.
As I look back over my “days” – and there have been a huge number of them now – God has always been there in them in ways no one on this earth ever can be and this does include that wonderful husband of mine God has given me!
And no, afraid I did not spend more than a few moments this morning talking to God, just asked Him to control and direct my day.
Now back to spending more time with the great Lover of my soul before I do more writing – and more preparation on that Bible Study. Sigh! Guess I know I’m going to be challenged and convicted myself first by the Holy Spirit through the Word.
So, where is God in YOUR day?


  1. Thanks Mary. I love how you drew the comparison between a husband/wife relationship and our relationship with the Lord. There really are lots of similarities, aren't there? Blessings,

  2. Ray & I have many times commented on this over the years, Amanda. There are just so many beautiful love songs that can also be song of our love relationship with Jesus.