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Monday, 4 July 2011

Whatever the Weather!

4th of July is America's Independence Day and we have our team from Texas still with us this important day for them. Thought I'd share this photo of Ray and I visiting a Rocky Mountains lookout in Colorado back in 2009 and also in one of the shopping centres in Denver. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you should see words of their national anthem above our heads. We flew from Denver to Dallas and visited the Lake Fork Baptist church in Texas where our team here comes from. We are so grateful to them for their generosity in helping our little fellowship reach out to our community with the love of Jesus and want to honour them this special day - despite the really bad weather yesterday and again today here in northern Tasmania.

Children and wet weather are not a good combination. Fortunately in the first week with the Texans it was cool but fine as they ran the Children’s After School Club. The numbers were down. Not being school holidays didn’t make recruiting for the time any easier. Still, on the Saturday, there were a number of children enjoying games, bell ringing, stories and craft. The concert that night was beaut. We were encouraged by the number of parents and friends present who were there for the first time.

Sunday night the weather changed. It was cold, wet and windy. Adults may handle it better but not by much. Still our 5pm service was well attended despite cold noses and frozen toes. It has been great to see some of our young people being involved for the first time, singing or playing the guitar up front. Chris spoke on Nehemiah and applied Nehemiah’s approach to building Jerusalem’s wall to how we need to approach building relationships for the Gospel.

This week will be another busy time with meetings each night and some during the day. A men’s Barbeque is planned for Wednesday night. Will it be outdoors? Not if the weather man is correct about rain, snow down to 300 metres and wind. Oh well, indoors or outside a burnt sausage smells and tastes the same!

Whatever the weather however we will hang in there thanking God for what we are about to receive. As Paul reminded the Thessalonians, “In all things give thanks, for this is the will of God for you.” So whatever the weather, whether we like it or not, in the discomfort of getting wet or the pleasure of sitting near the heater, we say thanks. Why? Because it expresses our confidence in the faithfulness of God to us and His over-ruling of what happens. So, wherever you are, in whatever weather you are standing or hiding from, say thanks to God. Why? ‘Cause it could be worse? No! Because He will be either teaching you something or displaying something through you to others.

From wet and wonderful (W)ray.

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