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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Getting ready - and resting

I am trying to type this on our daughter's laptop - and trying to get used to the mouse on it. Ray and I drove our car onto the Spirit of Tasmania ferry for our time in Melbourne. It was good to be able to throw things in the car and not worry about plane travel restrictions - especially those boxes of books. And being away from the computer at home all day has been a real rest! Gaylene takes her computer to work during the day and I have been enjoying a book-worm's delight - reading books!

This is going to be just a brief post this week - and already late. Too reasons for this - strange computer and except to mention shopping, going to the cinema tomorrow and getting nervous about the book launch here in Melbourne on Saturday, I can't think of much to tell you.
Oh, yes, I should mention my website has been updated so do have a look. The family page is now a photo one and some of family but many of writers here in Australia and also overseas. Do let me know what you think. I am so grateful to fellow romance author, Paula Roe, for doing the updates for me.

Sorry, no photos on this post tonight but do return next week - on Thursday and will have to tell you about our book launch event this Saturday.

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