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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dreaming about my next book.

   This book was my second Heartsong Presents inspirational romance novel published by Barbour Publishing in America. As well as my Search and Great Southland series, I am so thrilled they released it again last year as an e-book. This is the cover of the e-book available on Amazon and other sites like Barnes and Noble, Australia's Koorong and Word Australia bookshops.
   After writing my other Heartsongs and a requested novella for Barbour's Christmas Dreams volume, I decided to write a spin-off for Damaged Dreams. By that time my husband, Ray, was ministering at a church in Northampton, north of London. That is where we were living when I wrote the first draft of the manuscript, Delayed Dreams. Naturally this new book had to be set mainly in beautiful England. Unfortunately, by that time, it was decided by my editor there had been too long a period since the first book had been published.

Now that this book is again available as an e-book, I have been working again on revising the  original Delayed Dreams manuscript. It has been a very busy time here the last few months, and I am delighted that at long last I have submitted it to a publisher today. Of course, the hero and heroine were young minor characters who were very good friends in Damaged Dreams.

Would love to have comments from anyone who has already read Damaged Dreams. If you haven't read the paperback, do download that e-book version!

Can you tell me the names of the hero and heroine in Damaged Dreams?
Who do you think are the characters from that first book who now have their own romance story told?

And I hope you are all celebrating a very wonderful Easter season, as we remember the greatest Book ever written of the story of God's love for us in His Son, Jesus Christ

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Reliving Memories

Life always throws ups and downs at us. Ray and I have been having quite a few of them these last couple of years. Although we have both had some relatively minor health issues, we are still active but do realise we seem to be doing less and getting weary faster. Sound familiar anyone?

We had a wonderful few weeks again over Christmas and New Year with our family and friends.

This year we added our celebrations of reaching the mile-stone of being married for fifty marvellous, happy years..

We can only give thanks to our wonderful Lord for all His has done for us over all these years.

Seeing the DVD of our old wedding photos and singing a couple of the songs we chose for our wedding day brought back beautiful memories.

Fifty years is a long time and there had to be that touch of loss also as we saw images of some dear family and friends who are no longer with us. There are some of these folk in this photo I just have to share here of course.

We accept sorrow because God does comfort and bring back joy. Although our faces now may show the ups and downs of the years, this shows only a little of the great joy we have been given over all these years in our marriage.

Here is another photo to show our family now. God is still bringing us great happiness through our children as we watch their faithful walks with him. In the years to come may it also be true for each of our precious grandchildren.