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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mothers - Some Children do Have ‘em!

Ray with parents
and sister Lois
Our daughter points the finger
at her mother!

Some Children do Have ‘em!

Some children do ‘ave ‘em,
Mothers that is.
All have mothers, but
Some have mothers that are
            ‘Top of the morning’
‘Pick of the crop’…
And all that!

Some children do ‘ave ‘em,
Fathers that are
Glad that God gave them
Treasures in soiled nappies
            To nourish with love
      Growing years …
And all that!

Some children do ‘ave ‘em
Mothers with an
Understanding of their
Youthful needs and fear
            Wiping their tears
       Tenderness …
            And all that!

Some children do ‘ave ‘em
Mothers who show
Pleasure to their offspring’s
Gifts and abilities
            Creating esteem
                Shaping dreams …
            And all that!

Some children do ‘ave ‘em
Parents who can
Value faithfulness
Esteem truthfulness
            Create stability
                   Personal nobility …
            And all that! 

Raymond N. Hawkins 2012 (revised)

Mary the baby-who did have a
wonderful mother.  

Wearing the white flower for 
Mother's Day
But Mother took the photo!



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