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Monday, 1 August 2011

BOOK GIVEAWAY: Ray on Monday: Why Bother to Marry?

The right to the rite of Marriage is a hot topic at the moment. The Gay and Lesbian alliance are making emotive appeals for equality with heterosexual couples in the realm of marriage. The Christian Faith in particular is under attack because of its Biblical stance in defining this union between a man and a woman.

However, as I look at this issue I ask myself, “Why bother with marriage?” Apart from the Biblical teaching on it there is no meaning, no boundaries, no framework in which this beautiful, God ordained union has authority. Marriage, from the Biblical view, has its meaning from its creation and its symbolism. Reject that premise and you destroy the meaning and boundaries of Marriage.

The Bible declares God united Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply (read Genesis 1-3). The second aspect is beyond the natural ability of a same sex relationship. However the symbolism of Marriage points to a Heavenly event between Jesus Christ and His redeemed Bride, the Church (Read Ephesians 5:22-33). Every-time Christians marry it is a testimony to both these events.

Disparage the Biblical account and reject its authority means any type of relationship is acceptable. Should Christians lose heart as the Biblical teaching is sidelined and assaulted? Definitely not! Remember the Church was born into a similar pagan society and the disciples of Christ showed the amazing difference Christ and his teaching makes, especially in this arena.

We have the right to proclaim our faith and its value to men and women and our society, especially for the welfare of children. We do not have the right to be offensive or crude. The best and long lasting defence of Marriage is for Christian married couples to live together as the Scriptures teach, to provide a safe, stable and spiritual home for any children conceived.

Safeguard your marriage by making it a three way relationship, you, your spouse and Jesus Christ. Nourish your marriage through faithfulness in worship and honesty with each other. Refresh your relationship by praying for each other and spending time together. Keep the foundations of your relationship strong through knowing God’s word and obeying it.

Ray, happily married and confident in God’s reasons for making Marriage meaningful.

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  1. This look like a meaningful as well as a timely book! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  2. This looks very interesting. My marriage is a 3 stranded cord - there is none so strong. I would love the opportunity to read this, and hope I'm eligible to enter in the UK.

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