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Monday, 25 July 2011

Ray on Monday: Do we need a Truth Detector?

In a recent survey in the US it was stated that 91% of so-called Christians rejected the notion of Absolute Truth. I wonder how many non-Christians reject Truth as an absolute. What do you think about it?

If there isn’t an absolute truth then there are no absolute lies. Immediately you accept such a thesis you shatter meaningful relationships and business ethics. Why? Because why would I accept what you are saying! Do you mean what you say, possibly you mean it at that moment but the reality of the meaning may change because of passion, pride or perverseness.

Our society is whinging about various breakdowns in business, family, Church and marriage but why should it be surprised. No positive or negative absolutes mean I’m god of my scene and I make the rules of meaning. Trouble is we become like the mythical gods of Mt. Olympus and not the God of the Bible.

As disciples of Christ how should we live? Under the conviction that the Bible declares Absolute Truth which is designed to bless, guard and keep us!

I’m sad for those who reject the Absolutes of Scripture for they are like tumbleweed being blown through life, restless and hopeless. The Bible calls men and women of Faith to live in the Absolutes of God.
It is time for us to be Daniel in a pagan society. It is said he ‘resolved…not to defile himself…’ Daniel 1:8. So must we. Joshua also challenges us in an outward religious society without a heart for God. His conviction stemmed from a belief in the God of Absolutes. “…as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

Let us be people confident in the absolute integrity of God and His word.

This is Ray Hawkins - you can be absolutely sure of that!

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