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Monday, 23 April 2012

Ray on Monday - I Sit As Time Flows By.

Our first son. . . 

. . . he sleeps

Here I sit,
  Time flows by
     As though a stream.
I see it not
  Yet, it passes by.
     I care not.
I’m on duty.
  My grandchild sleeps
     Weary and worn out,
Wrapt in dreams,
   Renewal underway.
      Contentment I feel,
  To sit beside him 
    As time flows by.

Our second son
with his first son

Memories arise,
  Years come back,
     Beside a bed I sit,
One of our children
  Sick or injured sleeps,
    Trusting eyes shuttered.
Snuggled under blankets
  Yet with untucked hand
     Firmly holding mine
Sleep’s therapy tasted,
  Parents concerns eased,
    Faith’s prayer a comfort.
We count it an honour
  To have sat there
     As time flowed by.

with first grandson

Once again I sit
  Beside a little one,
    And time trickles by.
When his eyes open
  Secure he’ll feel,
With a smile,
  A big, big stretch,
    He’ll recognise me.
Refreshed he’ll be,
  Blessed I’ve been.
    So it’s worthwhile,
My point of view,
  To sit beside him
    As time flows by.

                              ©R.N.Hawkins 20/04/2012


  1. Beautiful poem Ray! :)Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Amanda! I have to confess I enjoyed going through those old black and white photo memories as well as that first time we met our grandson! We were living in England the year he was born and had to wait to meet him!

  3. Very fine, dad:) xx