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Monday, 6 February 2012

Ray on Monday - A Teaser about Ray's NEW book arriving soon!

Well, the galley proofs have been edited and back at the publisher EVEN BEFORE PUBLISHING. In several weeks time Ray's 3rd book in his 31 Day Devotional Meditation series will be released.

I thought it would be good to let you read this introduction by Ray to CAPTURED BY CALVARY.

The following 31 Day Devotionals are meant to deepen your understanding and increase your love for the Lord Jesus. As you reflect upon what the Lord achieved for you at Calvary, the horror of the cross is transformed into Christ’s glory. It is also our assurance of salvation. The cross for the Christian is an expression of glory and wonder. Why?
Because it speaks of God’s grace, love and majesty!
The message of the crucified Christ comforts because it deals with the issues between us and the Almighty.
It humbles because it says Jesus alone could solve our sin and condemnation problem.
It compels a man or woman to commit his or her life to Jesus. It calls us to leave the realm of Darkness and take up our crosses and follow Him.
The cross is a stumbling block to many. Their sense of righteousness is offended or the effectiveness of their religion is undermined. For others the cross becomes the stepping stone into a new relationship of grace, a new destiny with the Lord God, a new sense of their worth.
There are two roads the Church can travel as it reaches out into the community. The road most appreciated by any community would be the way the good Samaritan travelled. He cared for the oppressed and vulnerable. When the Church serves this way it doesn’t upset people or create waves of antagonism.
The other road is nowhere near as popular or appealing. It is the way of the Cross. This is no scenic route. It is gruesome. It is threatening. It is uncompromising. And yet this very road is the one which brings people out of spiritual and moral darkness and into the light of God’s grace. It is along this way that the Holy Spirit attracts the hearts of people with the wonder of a new beginning, the hope of a greater destiny.
Because it shows the way to be transformed, made acceptable to God! The individual is liberated to worship the God of Grace and Glory.
Both roads are important.
However the Faith Community must major on what the Apostle Paul considers the power and wisdom of God. This is the road we enter upon when we are captured by the Christ of Calvary.

(copyright 2012) Raymond N. Hawkins.
Hopefully this book will be available by Easter. We will keep you up to date here with news of CAPTURED BY CALVARY so do return to our blog for the Monday and Thursday posts. There will sure be a free giveaway again too!

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