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Monday, 5 September 2011

RAY ON MONDAY: A Grandchild's Words

Sunday 4th September was set aside as ‘Father’s Day.’ To be a father is a wonderful privilege. To be a grandfather is more than a privilege, it is an honour. Sometimes it is tiring as youth stretches the aging process to its limits. Still, what an awesome delight it is to be a positive influence, both relational and spiritual, emotional and intellectual in the life of a child, especially a grandchild. It was partly this awareness which motivated me to write ‘Children: God’s special Interest’ (in Christian Bookshops now). It was one of my grandsons who was instrumental in my writing the following simple poem about sharing yourself with a pre-school child.
A Grandchild’s Sweetest Words.

Read me a story grand-dad
Read me a story.
I can say my A B C
And count, one, two, three.
But, read me a story
Please grand-dad
Read me a story.

Help me with my shoes grand-dad,
Help me with my shoes.
I can find my socks
And eat all my porridge.
But, help me with my shoes
Please grand-dad,
Help me with my shoes.

Come and play a game with me grand-dad
Come and play right now.
I wont be naughty
Or get clothes dirty.
But, come and play with me
Please grand-dad,
Come and play with me.

It’s time to go home grand-dad
It’s time to go home.
Mummy has my tea ready
And daddy’s here too.
Thank you grand-dad
For being here today.
I love you grand-dad
I really love you.

©Raymond N. Hawkins August 2005.


  1. And since Ray wrote that poem back in 2005, he has had more practice reading and playing with three more grandchildren. And they simply adore him!