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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Clouds have a Story to Tell.

I enjoy watching clouds. Do you?
Whether the white fluffy ones or dark, rolling thunder riven ones, all fascinate me. I enjoy seeking out faces and shapes formed as they flit across my gaze. Having some of the grandchildren telling what they see as the clouds float by is fun.

Clouds also capture my imagination when I read the Scriptures. I wonder if there were clouds before the great flood of Noah’s time? The earth was watered by a mist but the first indication of a cloud is In Genesis 9. There it is associated with a rainbow.

God and clouds have a close relationship. Look up your concordance and check it out. In what must have an awesome spectacle, He went before the newly formed and delivered nation of Israel wrapt in a cloud. Through the wilderness experience they were aware of His presence in the cloud which was a pillar of fire at night. Around Mt. Sinai God spoke to the people through the dark and foreboding cloud. Was He impressing upon them the truth that whilst He is redeemer and His presence is with His people, no one should take Him lightly.

Jesus linked clouds with the promise of His return. Read Matthew 24. After the resurrection he met with the disciples on the mount of Olives. In Acts 1 they saw Jesus ascend to His Father’s presence in a cloud. When he returns they were told it will be in the mantle of the clouds. This will be to the mount of Olives. (Zechariah 14). As such it will be a day of judgement preceding His reign.

When you look to the Heavens and behold the clouds let them remind you of that great and glorious day when Jesus returns to answer the disciple’s prayer. ‘…Thy kingdom come, on earth, as it is in Heaven…’ I’m looking forward to that day. Sure hope you are too!

R.N.Hawkins (my head is not in the clouds but my heart is attached to them)

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  1. Love this. I have always loved watching the clouds too - I will look at them a little differently tomorrow.