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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Eagles wings

A favourite verse of mine for many years says,
But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

I have these two statues – not always on the piano as in this photo – but reminders God uses again and again to remind me of this truth. He alone is my source of strength for each season of my life, each day, each hour whether it be a good or bad one!

When my days have been too busy, frustrating, and at night that knowledge floods me there were too many things left on that “list” still not accomplished, HE is my strength.
When aches and pains of my body become hard to cope with, HE is my strength.
When I know I’ve failed those I love with that burst of anger, with that lack of discipline, lack of love, with that forgetfulness, HE forgives, loves, lifts me up so I can soar as those with wings above all this world can throw at me.
When I am feeling unworthy, down, unmotivated, HE alone is my true source of strength, the One who comforts, who helps me walk, and yes, even run when HE needs me to.

God uses so many varied ways to fulfil this promise in our lives – if we want Him to, if we seek Him in prayer and through His word, if we simply “let go and let God”.

Well, there I was, just checking the photo of my eagles I’d taken a moment before for this blog and in walked friends. They own Eagles Rise  in Northern Tasmania and their blog says it “provides a peaceful place for refreshment, family time, reflection and restoration, and a quiet place to draw closer to God.” (Clicking on Eagles Rise above will take you to see more of this lovely, quiet place)

Judy and Peter have been missionaries in Africa and know the true value of spending time with God, of those times we all need to simply pause and let Him give us the rest and spiritual nourishment we need.

A couple of days ago, my eagle hovering over its nest was sitting on our table when our three year old granddaughter was here. She studied him for a few moments and told me, “He looks angry.”

I studied that sharp beak, those large wings keeping him steady while he drew near to his chicks. Quietly I said, “But his babies don’t think he’s angry. They know he’s there to feed them, make sure they are safe and happy.”

Sometimes God may need to deal with us in ways that might make us think He is angry with us. Only sin in our lives makes Him not only angry but sad. We are warned in scripture not to “grieve the Holy Spirit.” This stops us from experiencing the absolute wonder of God’s loving grace and the spiritual food HE know we need from Him alone. We need to “wait on the Lord”. I believe HE is the one who tells people like Peter and Judy to prepare places like Eagles Rise for us to be “still” awhile. For me this means spending quality time not only with Him in the company of other believers, but alone so as I read and meditate on His Word I can hear His gentle whispers to my heart. As I obey Him only then can I be filled with His power to be strong enough to do all that HE wants me to do.


  1. I love the symbolism of eagles in reference to God. Such amazing, majestic creatures. I recently had a Wedge-tail swoop inches over my head at a raptor display at Healsville Sanctuary. Silent, effortless and graceful flight. And to think when I wait upon the Lord, I can soar like that through life. Thanks Mary.

  2. Thank you Amanda. There is so much I could share about being lifted up by God, given strength so it seems at times I float on currents of air. But then I also realise, an eagles still has to work those wings as well to soar higher and higher. God does expect me to make the effort, to be a "co-labourer" with Him, but I know in the end HE is theOone who is the boss, the Deliverer, my all in all.

  3. Hello Mary, I too love eagles as they remind me of our Heavenly Father.. Where would we be without a faith in Him? I'm sure I don't know. And I know I fail many times especially right now. So much is clouding in my head. God Bless you Mary and keep you close in His love. Blessings Crystal xxx